Stellar's Jay Flat Petite Grand Mogul Pot Pourri

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Why We Love It

When I think of pot pourri the 80s rush back and bagged bits of bark and overly scented fruit smells.  Once I entered the conceptual world of Mad et Len, a French brand, I knew I had to rethink my point of view of pot pourri. 

This is conceptual scent craftsmanship. Each black iron vessel is hand made, then filled with an element from the earth. You then take the scented oil and charge the fill material. Your space is lightly scented, and should you want to add more oil, or reduce by placing the lid on, it’s completely up to you. 

I love these for a place you spend time being still. A bedside, a sitting chair or perhaps on the sink in a bathroom. 

A lovely gift for those that love scent and experiences. The scents from this brand are next level. The stones in this particular set at very interesting. 



Scent notes from the maker: 

Grande Mogul: Rose oud, incense, resinous, balsamic, rich.


Details (JAY)

  • Size:  5“ D x  3“ H  
  • Composition: Black Iron, Fine Mineral Stones, Perfume
  • Creatives: Sandra and Alexandre, designers of MAD et LEN
  • Made in the South of France
  • Handmade
  • Refills are 100% perfume mixed in-house, do not contain ALCOHOL.
  • Special note: Pot Pourri is a special way to perfume your interior, an experience that combines perfectly the sensitivity of the Fine Stone with the raw power of the Iron pot. The Cap bring back the spirit of Totemic object, in iron shaped by hand.
  • Because we believe in ethical consumption, our potpourri are made for being sustainable.
  • All our scents are created in house in the Southern France Alps, bring back the original taste of things, awaking our primal olfactory and tactile senses from the anesthetized sleep of daily life.

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