Twisted Scourer

Twisted Scourer

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Why We Love It

I've been making a slow move to get rid of sponges, replacing them with natural fibers and cleaning rags (sounds old fashioned but I love it!). I use scourers in the kitchen and bathroom. When its life is over, this can be composted. 




  • Size:  2.5“ W x  2“ D x 4.75“ L
  • Material(s):  100% natural coconut fiber
  • Ethically made in Sri Lanka
  • Plastic Free. Biodegradable. Vegan. Fair Trade. 
  • Special note from the maker:
    A twist scouring brush. Fits easily into mugs and glass 100% natural coconut fiber scrubber a great all-round, eco-friendly scrub brush for your kitchen and home. The EcoMAX Twist Scourer is a long-lasting, sustainable alternative to the nylon scourer. It cleans without scratching, is dishwasher safe and doesn’t contain micro plastics. This naturally anti-bacterial coconut scrubber won’t become smelly or moldy with use and once it reaches the end of its life simply throw it in the compost to biodegrade. 

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