Apotheke Signature Discovery Set

Apotheke Signature Discovery Set

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Why We Love It

This set is so chic. It makes a perfect host gift or holiday gift. The sampler includes six scents, so if you are unsure of fragrance preferences, this set allows the the receiver to discover their favorites. Or buy as a self gift to discover which fragrances are your favorites. 




  • Packaging dimensions: 8.25" L x 6" W x 2" H 
  • Individual tin dimensions: 2.5" d, 1.75" H
  • Set includes: six 2 oz tin candles
  • Brooklyn based company
  • Estimated burn time 15-20 hours

    Scents included:
  • Charcoal
  • White Vetiver
  • Sea Salt Grapefruit
  • Wild Mint & Ivy
  • Apricot and Red Currant
  • Tonka Oak

Charcoal: Notes of cedarwood and sandalwood blended with smokey amber and oud make Charcoal a broody, full-bodied scent. Transform your space with Charcoal.

Sea Salt Grapefruit: Notes of juicy ripe grapefruit and black pepper intertwined with sea salt blend together for a bright, energizing scent. Balanced with dew drop accords and tarragon, Sea Salt Grapefruit will instantly transport you from your couch to your favorite summer spot by the sea.

White Vetiver: Notes of cashmere, eucalyptus, and lilac are intertwined with earthy vetiver, sandalwood, and amber to form a high end, dynamic fragrance. Perfect for all times of the year, White vetiver elevates any space by filling it with hours of intimate, exclusive fragrance. Live in luxury with White Vetiver.

Wild Mint & Ivy: Notes of wild mint, eucalyptus, and ivy come together for an energizing, bright scent. Notes of geranium, rose, oakmoss, patchouli, and cedarwood are added to bring an added depth to this refreshing fragrance.

Apricot and Red Currant: Notes of ripe pomegranate with red currant, fresh grapefruit and ylang ylang come together for decadent fragrance. Subtle notes of apricot, sandalwood accentuate the fragrance by adding depth to the juicy scent.

Tonka Oak: Notes of sweet almond, warm cardamom, and clove, accentuated by coconut, Iris petals, musk, and tonka bean to create a sophisticated and full bodied fragrance.

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