Boxwood Handle Pocket Knife BUSA Number 0

Boxwood Handle Pocket Knife BUSA Number 0

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Why We Love It

This boxwood handle pocket knife is a gem. It is a great pocket knife that feels as good as it looks. The blade has an interesting shape to it that stands out from your average pocket knife, always causing a conversation. I'm a big fan of carbon steel blades, because they hold an edge longer and look amazing once they patina. It's all about the story!



  • Size: Closed 4" L, Blade 3.25" L, Total 7.25" L
  • Material(s): Carbon steel blade with a boxwood handle Culinary Knife
  • Made by: Pallarès in Solsona, Spain
  • Special note:  Old Spanish style slipjoint with spring, no lock, but holds tight when closed or open. This knife is carbon steel and will age over time. Take care to keep dry this knife after use to keep from rusting.

    Founded in 1917 in Solsona, Spain by two brothers, and currently run by the third generation of the family, Pallarès is the last surviving workshop in an area one-time famous (since the 1600’s) for its knife making workshops. Pallarès strives to use traditional, high quality materials and have always been known for well tempered steel. Their knives are completely hand ground and assembled and have wonderful cutting feel and good edge retention.

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