Perigord Water Glass Set of 6

Perigord Water Glass Set of 6

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 Why We Love It

I have an obsession with glasses. I’m coming clean here and sharing my a behind the scenes look as to how I curate my glass collection. I focus on two categories, thin glass and crystal I only take out for special occasions and my heavier, more durable everyday glasses. I show no mercy to my everyday glasses. I take them outside, use them on a formal table, perfect for lunch or dinner, or better yet wrap them in a napkin to take on a picnic.  Some glasses work really hard and look good while doing it. 

These glasses are thicker glass and have a very vintage feel. They have that old pressed glass vibe. You can see a visible seam on some of them which I don’t mind, it speaks to the character of the piece. 

While you’ll see the manufacturer use specific descriptions like a water or wine glass. I love using a water glass for wine in a casual table setting and switching the uses up as I design my table setting. You could even use these at your bar for a spritz or really any cocktail that looks good in the glass. When you travel to France or Italy, all the cafes have glasses like this. 





Always check the sizes of the glass if they are European made, the scale is different than what we normally use in the US. 


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