Teak Tonic

Teak Tonic

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Why We Love It

I have a bad habit of buying vintage furniture from old barn and the furniture is covered in mildew. I know, gross, but I swear the furniture pieces are THAT good! One day I was showing how the backs and bottom of the unfinished wood has a mildew and Christophe recommended this Teak Tonic as it naturally prevents mildew. Needless to say, when I buy a piece of vintage that needs a beauty day, this product is a go-to.



This all natural formulas helps moisturize and revitalize all teak wood furniture. Organic beeswax, rosemary and tea tree oil prevent mold and mildew while also protecting the wood from the elements. A natural drying agent helps to seal the grain from the elements. Apply to new furniture to prevent aging. Apply to aged furniture to revitalize finish.


- Size: 8 oz glass bottle
- Made in Brooklyn, New York

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