Furniture Tonic Color Reviver

Furniture Tonic Color Reviver

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Why We Love It

Hands down my favorite, most used product for bringing life back to older scratched wood. This is the first thing I do when I bring a new piece of antique furniture home. I bought a roughed up Empire Cabinet from a barn sale, the piece of furniture had so many scratches and needed moisturizing. The Color Reviver did the trick beautifully and my old Empire Cabinet looks like the grand piece it was intended to be. 

This product absorbs into the wood - I was chatting with Christophe and he mentioned he uses a natural oil as a base, so it absorbs in wonderfully.

** I've tried other products on the market and encountered a lot of stickiness and color rub off.

** I would only recommend for darker wood furniture. There is a version of the Furniture Tonic with no color added for lighter wood furniture in the Furniture Care Kit



This natural formula brings new life to aged and worn finishes. Formulated for medium to dark wood finishes, it ads just a hint of color. Color Reviver will hide nicks & scratches with one application. All natural ingredients are as kind to the environment as they are to your furniture. Organic and virgin oils, sourced from North American seeds go into every batch, mixed by hand. Essential oils give every bottle a fresh scent. A natural drying agent derived from trees ensures a non-sticky, and lasting finish.


- Size: 6.7 oz glass bottle
- Made in Brooklyn, New York

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