One Hour Interior Design Consultation

One Hour Interior Design Consultation

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Get the design questions answered that are holding you back. Sometimes you have to talk through design to make it come to life.

If you love working on your own home and need a second opinion, or to talk through ideas for a project, consulting is a great way to keep your project moving forward with confidence. 

This is a wonderful way of working if:

  • You have a few specific questions
  • You need a professional second opinion and guidance
  • You want to discuss whole home themes, finishes and color
  • You’d like to discuss an approach to renovation (historic or new)
  • You’d like to review your room or project with a trained set of eyes
  • You need help getting started with ideas for upcoming projects
  • You'd like to refine your styling and art placement

Ask me anything, the time is yours!


Suggestions on meeting type:

  • Free form, great for ask me anything
  • Present your project to me for feedback
  • Show me your home for discussion and ideas

Use your phone or laptop to share spaces in our 1:1 video consultation.


Hourly consults do not include:

  • Specific recommendations that need to be researched. 
  • Specific furniture or color recommendations by brand name and finish. 
  • Does not include follow up PDFs or documents

If your project needs a more in depth approach, please see additional design services here


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