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The Witch's Cup Greeting Card

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Why We Love It

These cards are not only beautiful, they are also full of symbolism. The thoughtful combination of imagery with an antiquarian flare make these cards a new classic.




  • Folded card and grey envelope
  • Size:    No. 10, 3.875" x 9.25"
  • Blank interior
  • Digital Offset
  • Printed in New York
  • Woman owned business
  • Some people frame these as art because they are so pretty

From the Maker

We are captivated by the diversity and intricacy of nature. 
A cup full of nature's magical tools:

A pomegranate, which represents the seasonal passage and the stages of human life, as well as renewal and rebirth. Pomegranates are often associated with the Greek goddesses Demeter, Persephone and Hecate.

Datura, a powerful poison plant with strong magical and medicinal properties. Also known as devil's trumpet, Datura is a powerful tool for spiritual journeys.

Salt, a useful protection tool.

An apple, symbol of knowledge and spiritual rebellion.

A salamander, the "sorceress’ lizard," traditionally associated with fire. In Alchemy the salamander is a symbol of the Prima Materia, which is is the initial material required for the creation of the philosophers stone. Prima Materia, in esoteric alchemy, is similar to the concept of aether, as well as anima mundi.

Calendula, a truly wondrous medicinal helper, useful for stomach ailments, skin issues, and melancholy.

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