Taper Tatine Candle in Cream

Taper Tatine Candle in Cream

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Why We Love It

I love a good drippy candle and these are the sexiest candle sticks you’ll ever burn. They start off all neat and tidy, and as they burn they turn into a sculptural work of art taking on a different shape. I enjoy burning these during a long dinner as they help set the tone for dramatic conversation.



Notes from Tatine: Crafted by hand using only natural materials. Our beautiful cream colored beeswax is lightened through a natural filtering and refining process that does not include bleach to keep the wax 100% natural. The sign of a high quality beeswax candle is the soft white powder called “bloom” that appears on the surface over time. This natural process of oils crystalizing on the surface indicates the candle is 100% natural beeswax with no additives. Bloom can be removed gently with a soft cloth, or you can leave it untouched for a rustic, antiquated look.



– Set of 4 pure beeswax taper candles in a hexagonal shape.
– Each 10 inch taper has a burn time of approximately 13 hours.
– Unscented
– Our beeswax tapers are meant to be burned all evening, through long lingering dinners or with chapters of a good book.
– Beeswax tapers will naturally drip, so please mind your surfaces.
– Made in the USA. Go CHICAGO!
– Woman Owned Business

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