Prisma Hanging #10 Mobile Lapis & Pink Opal
Prisma Hanging #10 Mobile Lapis & Pink Opal

Prisma Hanging #10 Mobile Lapis & Pink Opal

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Why We Love It

When I saw this mobile, I thought: what a perfect gift. It's the gift of light. Sol Proaño is an artist who works many mediums, is well know for her jewelry. I thought with the beauty of this mobile being jewelry like and the light refracting nature of the crystal, it's a perfect gift for an infant, kids of any age, teenagers or adults. An object of light and rainbow maker which creates hope and inspiration. 



This edition of the Prisma #10 embraces darkness and light on a different level.

You can place your Prisma anywhere, and as long as there's direct sunlight hitting it, your space will fill up with tiny little rainbows everywhere.


  • Size:  1.6" wide x 20" long
  • The stone section measures about 5" in length
  • The chains and ring for hanging are brass
  • Artist: Sol Proaño
  • Handmade in America, New York
  • This is a color block Prisma style in sky blue and blush pink, lapis and opal.

  • The lapis disc shows patterns with blue, mixed with sections high in pyrite (those are the gold specks). The pink opals vary in tone (some are super pale while others have a lot more pink in them), and sometimes also have a bit of brown and even green streaks. 


    Sol Proaño (in her words)

    Hi, I'm Sol. I make my jewelry and hangings one piece at a time in my studio in Queens, NYC. With a global aesthetic, I combine both clean lines and organic shapes, incorporating textural elements such as metal hammering and up-cycled leather.
    American is my fifth nationality. I’m Latina, but I don’t identify with the Dia de Los Muertos. I’m Jewish, but I’m an atheist. I’m better at grammar than a lot of English speakers, but I still forget key words in the middle of conversations. I’m a migrant, and was born in a family of migrants.

    As a teenager, I hitchhiked throughout Chile during summers selling jewelry and leather goods that I made myself. Years later and now settled in the US, my designs translate my experience as a migrant living in vibrant New York City mixed with my longing for experiences in the calm and openness of nature.

    Currently living in NYC, through my craft practice I try to stay tuned to the feelings of connection and adventure I enjoyed traveling through Chile, still moved by the magical landscapes that I was able to witness and that I carry inside me wherever I am. Whether through a piece of jewelry or a wall hanging I hope for you to pause, and find those silent and open spaces that are within you.