Pewter Cocktail Jigger

Pewter Cocktail Jigger

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Why We Love It

This is a heirloom quality jigger that will last generations. As much as we love collecting antiques and the history that comes with them, we also like to create a lasting legacy we can pass on. This double jigger is pewter with a one and one and half ounce side and also interior marking for half and three-quarters ounces. The heft and beauty of this piece is unforgettable and a perfect companion to either a shaker or mixing glass.



  • Size :  2" Dia X 4.3" H, 1.5 oz and 1 oz 
  • Material(s): Pewter
  • Wash by hand
  • Match Pewter is handmade by artisans in Northern Italy
  • Made with a lead free alloy of tin, copper and antimony that is FDA approved and food safe.