Industrial Iron Sheet Pan For the Grill Large
Industrial Iron Sheet Pan For the Grill Large

Industrial Iron Sheet Pan For the Grill Large

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Why We Love It 

As much as I can, I'm always cooking out on the grill. Sometimes right on the fire with the grate and others with pans and flat top cooking surfaces. I love these industrial irons flat sheet pan, cooking trays for just that. I use them for small things that might fall in the fire while cooking and also as a holding/warming area for other items. This is a must have for outside cooking. 

These industrial trays are rustic with stamped out steel with rough edges and two handles. They will patina immediately upon first use and clean up easily. These trays are industrial and NOT polished and come with minor scratches on the surface.



  • Size: 16.54" L x 12.6“ W / 32x42 cm
  • Material(s): steel
  • Made by: Pallarés in Solsona

About the Maker

Founded in 1917 in Solsona, Spain by two brothers, and currently run by the third generation of the family, Pallares is the last surviving workshop in an area one-time famous (since the 1600’s) for its knife making workshops. Pallares strives to use traditional, high quality materials and have always been known for well tempered steel. Their knives are completely hand ground and assembled and have wonderful cutting feel and good edge retention.