Logevy Rosso Perverso Room Spray

Logevy Rosso Perverso Room Spray

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Why We Love It

I’ve been thinking about what I should write for this fragrance. It reminds me of something and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Perhaps a childhood memory or sweet fruit. This scent is definitely sweet smelling, perfectly delicious. 

European scents have a different feel than most American brands. This Italian brand approaches scent in a way that reminds me of the romantic past. The traditional point of view transports me to Italy. 




  • Size bottle: 100ml
  • Stefano Cintelli, master perfumer
  • Made in Italy

Scent Notes

HEAD NOTES: Apple, Raspberry
HEART NOTES: Exotic Fruits, Red Grape, Peach
BASE NOTES: Vanilla, White Musk, Orange, Orange Blossom

About the Brand

Florence 1965, the streets of the centre are filled with the perfume from the ever-open boutiques. The artisans set up their equipment outside their shops, and it is right here, in these boutiques, that the ancient tradition is carried forward, taking the Florentine art of perfume ever forward. It is no coincidence that this precious art became so established in Florence, because it is here that the most precious blends were created in the Renaissance period. Florence became the capital of Perfume thanks to Cateriana dei Medici who, in the first half of the 16th century, together with her trusted perfumer Renato Bianco, introduced the use of perfume to the Italian courts.

Logevy, Firenze 1965, was created by the master perfumer Stefano Cintelli, who brought his extensive professionalism and his particular sensitivity to the cosmetics field, enrapturing with his originality, elegance and quality. His creations transport our souls on a perfect olfactory journey which draws on tradition and feeds on introspection, leading to a rekindling of ancient memories. Logevy Firenze 1965 is an elegant balance of craftsmanship, innovation and extreme attention to detail, making use of the best and most precious raw materials.