Prisma Hanging
Prisma Hanging

Prisma Hanging #10 Mobile Black Matte Jade & Faceted Onyx

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Why We Love It

When I saw this mobile, I thought: what a perfect gift. It's the gift of light. Sol Proaño is an artist who works many mediums, is well know for her jewelry. I thought with the beauty of this mobile being jewelry like and the light refracting nature of the crystal, it's a perfect gift for an infant, kids of any age, teenagers or adults. An object of light and rainbow maker which creates hope and inspiration. 



This edition of the Prisma #10 embraces darkness and light on a different level.

You can place your Prisma anywhere, and as long as there's direct sunlight hitting it, your space will fill up with tiny little rainbows everywhere.


  • Size:  1.6" wide x 20" long
  • The stone section measures about 5" in length
  • The chains and ring for hanging are brass
  • Artist: Sol Proaño
  • Handmade in America, New York
  • The jade disc might show some slight streaks, because this is a natural stone of course, and it's part of its personality.
  • While all the stones are black, the jade disc is matte, while the onyx teardrops are polished and faceted. 



Sol Proaño (in her words)

Hi, I'm Sol. I make my jewelry and hangings one piece at a time in my studio in Queens, NYC. With a global aesthetic, I combine both clean lines and organic shapes, incorporating textural elements such as metal hammering and up-cycled leather.

American is my fifth nationality. I’m Latina, but I don’t identify with the Dia de Los Muertos. I’m Jewish, but I’m an atheist. I’m better at grammar than a lot of English speakers, but I still forget key words in the middle of conversations. I’m a migrant, and was born in a family of migrants.

As a teenager, I hitchhiked throughout Chile during summers selling jewelry and leather goods that I made myself. Years later and now settled in the US, my designs translate my experience as a migrant living in vibrant New York City mixed with my longing for experiences in the calm and openness of nature.

Currently living in NYC, through my craft practice I try to stay tuned to the feelings of connection and adventure I enjoyed traveling through Chile, still moved by the magical landscapes that I was able to witness and that I carry inside me wherever I am. Whether through a piece of jewelry or a wall hanging I hope for you to pause, and find those silent and open spaces that are within you.

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